Gregory Bringman - Early Works

Speculative Works on Interface (1993)

This page shows studies from 1993 - 1994 reflecting upon the contribution of user interface to semantics, both experiential and cultural. These works also stem from my curation of a video art archive at KCAI at the time.


  1. An imagination of non-rectalinear operating system windows before such were technically supported on any operating system.
  2. Documentation of a software project to coincide with an archiving of a KCAI video art collection. Its final moments show animations that provided commentary on modeling and animation processes and how digital tools permit various substitutions of sections of scenes or images, similar to how word processors first facilitated the redaction of text. The juxtaposition of landscape backgrounds in this instance, (including an image format template in place of a realistic, perspectival background) alludes to the fact that a landscape perfectly rendered as a digital simulacrum might accidentally - although poetically - expose its computerized production.